"Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol stand for a wide-ranging spectrum of products and solutions for machine and plant automation."

"The whole is more than the sum of its individual components—this is especially true with regard to the automation of machines. In control technology matters, Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol therefore subscribe to an integrated approach. We create open and flexible machine control systems which exactly meet the requirements of machines."


As systems and solution providers for all areas of electrical machine automation, Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol offer solutions for drive technology, CNC, motion control and PLC applications on the basis of proprietary modular automation components.

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Our automation solutions excel by a variety of technology-specific functions: For instance, we also provide optimal support for manufacturing technologies such as non-cylindrical grinding, knife and flame cutting, sewing, bar processing or laser processing. Various transformations are available for all kinds of machine kinematics. Due to the extensive technological know-how of our engineers and their eye for detail, the functionality of our firmware can be quickly adapted to new tasks such as new machine kinematics or manufacturing processes. As a result, technically and economically perfect solutions are generated both for series and special-purpose machines. As a matter of course, our support also extends to “classic” CNC applications such as turning, milling and grinding.

As a full-service provider for automation solutions, we help our customers by taking overall responsibility for implementing entire automation solutions. Our machine automation portfolio includes:

  • Individual consulting and requirements analysis
  • Project planning for drive and control technology
  • Creation of applications, application programming, HMI creation
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Commissioning and after-sales service worldwide

Integrated automation solutions

As a result of many years of development work and practical experience in various target industries of mechanical engineering, system components from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol are optimally coordinated. This is the basis for creating complete solutions for all major machine automation applications:

  • CNC complete solutions
  • Motion control complete solutions
  • PLC complete solutions

Systematic automation components

Eckelmann’s system family for advanced machine automation includes:

  • Terminals and industrial PCs for HMI and visualisation
  • Machine control systems
  • I/O modules and bus couplers for various bus systems
  • Drive technology (electric motors and drive controllers)
  • Safety technology
  • Integrated development tools and technology-specific software for application development

CNC Cutting Solutions by Eckelmann
More and more cutting machine manufacturers worldwide trust in CNC Cutting Solutions by Eckelmann. In addition to technical and economic factors, the cooperative partnership and economic stability in particular are decisive when choosing Eckelmann

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Supporting all current processing methods and their combination: Thermal and water jet cutting, drilling, thread cutting, labelling and marking.

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The same control platform for all machine designs allows for streamlined procurement and warehousing as well as training and service.

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We offer interfaces to all technology providers and thus a free coice of cutting equipment.

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Control technology with long-term availability independent of short innovation cycles (in contrast to PC technology).

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Free choice of Eckelmann's scope of delivery: One-stop-shop from procurement of the pure control core to complete control and drive equipment. Optionally also inclusive nesting software with macro library.

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Free choice of Eckelmann's scope of delivery: One-stop-shop from procurement of the pure control core to complete control and drive equipment. Optionally also inclusive nesting software with macro library.

Industrial PC and Panel PC from Ferrocontrol meet the high requirements of the industry for robustness, reliability and long-term availability.

Without a PC nothing works

Whether controlling, operating and monitoring machines and systems, data acquisition or image processing, Industrial PC and Panel PC from Ferrocontrol are versatile. They all meet the high requirements of the industry for robustness, reliability and long-term availability.

Industrial PC systems

  • Panel-PC
  • Box PC
  • Panel
  • Equipment

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The customized industrial PC

  • Compact and robust design for industrial use (IP 65)
  • Scalable in performance (processors from Celeron to i7), connectivity, size and design
  • Single and multitouch available resistive or PCT
  • Display size from 7 "to 21"
  • Machine- and plant-compatible long-term availability
  • Customized designs on request, individual image creation
  • Easy installation
  • High EMC and temperature compatibility and safety

"Whether compact, high-end or customised embedded controller, the scalable and flexible controllers from Eckelmann’s E°EXC controller family are the ideal basis for the robust and efficient automation of machines and plants."

Flexible controllers - providing simple to complex automation solutions

The E°EXC controller is the all-purpose hardware basis for PLC, motion control and CNC solutions. It supports numerous technology-specific functions and permits the development of sophisticated applications.

Processor performance, interfaces, memory and programming can be selected so as to meet the needs of each individual application. The controllers are available in the following classes:

E°EXC-controllers at a glance

Technical features & interfaces E°EXC 55 E°EXC 66 E°EXC 66 compact E°EXC 66 H 43 E°EXC 66 Export
Processor 32-bit-Micro-controller
Motion and CNC combined
CNC axes 12 16 16 4+4a
Motion axes 12 60 60
CANopen® (number of separate buses) for drives and distributed I/Os 2 4 2 2 4
EtherCAT® for drives
EtherCAT® for distributed I/Os
sercos III for drives
sercos III for distributed I/Os
Ethernet TCP/IP
distributed I/O CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN
RS-232 2 1 1 1 1
USB Host Host Host Host
SD card
Protection class IP 20 20 20 20 20
Dimensions (W × H × D) in mm 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115
Field of application Note f c, d b

Explanation of symbols used in the list:

(a) All controls subject to export licensing requirements are considered exports subject to a licensing requirement in accordance with Annex I of the EC Dual-Use Regulation (AL-No. 2D002)

(b) 4 + 4 gantry or auxiliary axes: limited to 4 interpolating axes for simultaneous path control, 8 axes in total.

All controls exempt from export licensing requirements are considered export versions, not covered by Annex I of the EC Dual-Use Regulation, or Part I of the Export Control List (Annex AL to the German Foreign Trade Regulations)

(c) for small and medium-sized PLC applications

(d) ultra-compact design complete with 24V supply

(e) for small to large-scale applications

(f) not intended for new installations

Control technology with technological know-how

Extensive function libraries as well as the consistent use of standards for interfaces and programming make for flexible and lean engineering. The CNC offers a wide range of technology functions, from non-cylindrical grinding to flame cutting. CNC solutions from Eckelmann are used in a variety of applications such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, bending, punching, sawing, etc. The extensive motion function library in accordance with PLCopen® is capable of controlling even sophisticated multi-axis systems with high demands in terms of synchronicity and precision, e.g. in printing machines or handling systems for solar wafers. And with CODESYS mechanical engineers may enjoy all the benefits of the object-oriented programming of PLC-applications in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

We offer solutions, not components! Therefore, our customers always have a direct connection to our application and development engineers who help them solve tricky tasks on the basis of extensive experience and modern development methods such as HiL simulations for special kinematics or complex path controllers. Due to customised adaptations, Eckelmann’s control technology can be adapted to almost any deployment scenario.

  • Large set of CNC instructions
  • Innovative CNC core that is continuously developed further
  • HMI modular system for intuitive user interfaces
  • DIN programming
  • Motion function library to PLCopen
  • Extremely short cycle times for highly dynamic applications
  • Integrated development and commissioning environment
  • Plug-and-play for the integration of components into the control infrastructure, also for supported drive controllers
  • Communication: sercos III, EtherCAT®, CANopen®
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, R-232
  • All control parameters can be stored on SD card for fast hardware replacement
  • Embedded web server
  • Robust components with long-term availability
  • Flexible and application-oriented I/O systems
  • Low power consumption and heat (loss) input to switch cabinet

E°EXC 88: High-end controller for CNC, PLC and motion

E°EXC 88 is a compact DIN rail controller that excels by the comprehensive instruction repertoire of the CNC core and the seamless integration of CNC and motion functionalities in controlling. 64 motion axes to PLCopen with extensive motion function library 32 CNC axes with comprehensive instruction repertoire Possibility of seamless combination of motion with CNC functions Extremely fast, robust and easy-to-wire real-time I/O system E°XBM Due to the seamless integration of CNC and motion functionalities to PLCopen, it is possible to operate additional handling axes next to the CNC and to select the optimal task-dependent technology, i.e. CNC or motion, or a combination of both. The CNC processing of a moving workpiece is also possible.

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Additional controllers at a glance

Smiley faceE°EXC 66 Smiley faceE°EXC 66 H43 Smiley faceE°EXC 66 Compact
Merk­ma­le & Schnitt­stel­len
Pro­zes­sor 32-Bit-Mi­kro­con­trol­ler
Mo­ti­on und CNC kom­bi­niert
CNC-Ach­sen 16
Mo­ti­on-Ach­sen 60
CA­No­pen® (An­zahl ge­trenn­te Bus­se) für An­trie­be und de­zen­tra­le I/Os 2
Ether­CAT® für An­trie­be
Ether­CAT® für de­zen­tra­le I/Os
ser­cos III für An­trie­be
ser­cos III für de­zen­tra­le I/Os
Ether­net TCP/IP
I/O lo­kal LBM
I/O de­zen­tral CAN
RS-232 1
USB Host
Schutz­art IP 20
Ma­ße (B × H × T) in mm 45 × 100 × 115
Ein­satz­be­reich An­mer­kung

The E°EXC 66 is the standard controller for CNC, PLC and motion control applications in the high-performance level. A RISC processor provides pooled computing power.

Integrated ethernet-based real-time communication between controllers, drives and I/O peripherals: the E°EXC 66 / H43 with sercos III interface provides modern communication solutions for all applications of industrial automation—open, manufacturer-independent and IEC-compliant.

The E°EXC 66 COMPACT is a space-saving controller, whose optimised scope of functions and interfaces offers a particularly favourable price-to-performance ratio. Its areas of application are small and medium-sized PLC applications. Compared to the full version, the compact controller has fewer interfaces and is only available as PLC. But in return it comes with its own power supply, providing also the expansion modules with power.

Why control technology from Eckelmann?

  • Tried-and-tested hardware and software in application-specific performance classes
  • Comprehensive application support
  • Proprietary CNC core with comprehensive instruction repertoire
  • Many technology-specific extensions to the CNC firmware for optimal support of various technologies from non-cylindrical grinding to flame cutting
  • Fast realisation of technology or customer-specific extensions to firmware due to strong integration of research and development
  • Since all firmware is developed in-house, also adjustments can be made for which it is necessary to access lower levels of firmware
  • Integrated development and commissioning environment for complete automation solutions
  • Flexible, robust and extremely fast I/O systems
  • High availability
  • High quality standards for development, production and testing
  • Industry standards in programming (CODESYS, IEC 61131-3, PLCopen) and interfaces (EtherCAT®, CANopen®, sercos III) for sustainable automation solutions

"I/O systems from Eckelmann—the quick, safe and application-oriented way of recording and transferring input and output signals: simple installation and wiring concepts that accelerate the development of your I/O infrastructure."

I/O Systems

A robust and high-performance I/O system is the basis of any automation solution. Eckelmann offers versatile and highly practical I/O modules for the flexible development of centralised and decentralised I/O solutions that can be completely and seamlessly integrated into fieldbus networks via CAN and real-time Ethernet.

The protocols supported are CANopen TM as well as sercos and Profinet, both widely used in automation. All automation components—whether controls, servo drives, inputs and outputs, frequency converters, encoders, etc.—are precisely synchronised in real time with controls from Eckelmann and fieldbus.

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The following modules are available for signal recording and communication on the I/O level:

  • E°XBM high-performance I/O system for E°EXC 88
  • with modification times of < 1 µs per module, this system, which is equipped with the user-friendly direct plug-in technology, will not bog down even when faced with comprehensive I/O solutions. It is ideal for Ethernet-based automation solutions with the new E°EXC 88 controller generation.
  • E°LBM high-performance I/O-system for E°EXC 66
  • meets the highest demands on the synchronicity of I/O modules, and it is perfectly matched to E°EXC 66.
  • E°FBM CANopen™ fieldbus modules
  • fine-granular distributed I/O system with integrated controller for more decentralised intelligence

"A wide range of drive controllers and motors provides the drive solution that perfectly fits each mechanical engineering requirement. The scalability of the solution ensures the appropriate dynamic performance and control quality as well as optimal energy efficiency. "

Drive technology for machine automation

The components of the E°Darc range allow for the configuration of suitable drive systems with comprehensive functionalities and excellent drive performance, from simple transport tasks to complex applications. For 200 W up to 18 kW, the application-specific selection ensures suitably dimensioned solutions. This guarantees high economy in purchase and operation.

E°Darc C - Servo controllers in FPGA architecture

The newly developed servo controller E°Darc C (2 to 16 kW) transforms the potential of modern FPGA technology into tangible technical benefits for demanding mechanical engineers. It best displays its strengths where high levels of control quality and dynamic performance as well as absolute safety are required. Its RePower option ensures optimal energy yield. Due to the Open Motion Controller Platform (OMCP), algorithms developed by the customer can be easily integrated into the controller software.

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E°Darc V - Above-average controllers for average power

The controller model E°Darc V provides the optimally tailored solution for the medium power range from 500 W up to 2 kW. This drive controller has a power feed of 230 V / 400 V and is suitable for AC drives. Via its CANopen® interface, it communicates with all controllers from the ExC range.

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E°Darc M - High quality for low power

The controller model E°Darc M with a DC power feed of 10 to 60 V is available for low-power applications of 200 to 800 W. With its particularly small housing dimension, this compact drive controller for BLDC and DC motors is suited for DIN rail mounting. Also the E°Darc M model is equipped with CANopen® interface (device profile DSP402, protocol DS301), encoder interface, 1 analogue and 4 digital inputs and 1 digital output. It can be employed for PLC applications and is suited for motion control / path interpolation via CANopen®.

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"Our software for your success: the engineering and programming tools from Eckelmann Group are ideally adapted to your machine automation."


We want to give your software development a sustainable and efficient design. Our engineering tools give you full control over your development costs and shorten time-to-market of your machine. Convince your customers with surprisingly simple solutions for innovative functions and the highest quality in engineering. Our state-of-the-art engineering tools support you in lean software engineering and reduce the costs for programming, testing and commissioning as well as the entire life-cycle maintenance of your application.

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  • E°Tools HMI - Framework for the creation of machine visualisation and operation with support for multi-touch, wiping gestures, overlays and everything that is necessary today for a sustainable user experience.
  • E°Tools PLC - stand-alone programming tool for the E°EXC 66 control environment, PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3
  • E°Tools Drive - tools for the fast, energy-efficient drive design of drives, with a secure editor for safety functions at the drive end
  • E°Tools SLC - graphical configurator for the development of safety logic systems via drag & drop in connection with the E°SLC safety module Of course, we also support you with engineering services such as the development of customer-specific software modules, user interface customisations, commissioning and optimisation. If required, we support you throughout the entire development and life-cycle of your machines.

Software Libraries for CNC, SPS and Motion Control

Our extensive software libraries include a large pool of functions which offer a wealth of application-specific experience. Whether you want to realise the contouring control for a CNC machine, a PLC or a demanding motion control—our reusable software modules are the ideal basis for the efficient programming for all of your applications.

  • ENC for CNC Solutions
  • ELC for PLC Solutions
  • EMC for Motion Control Solutions

"For more than 30 years, numerous machine manufacturers and operators from different fields of application have relied on the varied CNC competencies of Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol."

The all-inclusive CNC

Maximum CNC functionality in a minimum amount of space

In the field of CNC applications, our solutions portfolio and applications experience are unparalleled. Take, for a start, the optimally integrated hardware components:

  • Terminals or industrial PCs for operating and monitoring tasks
  • Controllers
  • Fieldbus and local bus modules
  • Servo controllers and motors
  • Mechatronic solutions such as height control system with Z-axis mechanism
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These components are capable of being configured to meet the needs of platforms for CNC complete solutions. Thus it is possible to support even the most sophisticated multi-channel CNC applications with up to 16 axes and cycle times of less than 1ms. In all this, the PLC functionality is already included. Solutions can be continuously improved through the development or upgrade of components.

Practice makes perfect: CNC software

The application-specific heart of CNC complete solutions is the CNC software library. Its functional scope has been significantly extended in the course of decades of experience. The library is the basis for an automation solution tailored to meet the technological and geometrical requirements of typical path-control applications:

  • Look-ahead for optimisation of processing times
  • Block preparation for processing extremely short NC blocks
  • Feed-forward for compensating following velocity errors
  • Reverse travel and restart on contour
  • Spatial rounding for fast and smooth movements
  • Changeable acceleration profiles for varying load conditions
  • Block scan for random access during long-running machine operations
  • Teaching of axis positions with subsequent data reduction and generation of polynomials
  • Tangentially slaved C axis for tool orientation during contour machining
  • Synchronous axes / gantry axes for saving mechanical drive components
  • Tool administration and technology charts
  • Graphical CNC user interface for Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Formula interpreter for the creation of mathematically sophisticated part programmes
  • Path speed-dependent output signals for performance enhancement, dosing, etc.
  • Fast inputs and outputs for immediate reactions in the NC programme
  • Lead screw pitch and backlash compensation for the correction of mechanical faults
  • PLC positioning axes in parallel with contour machining
  • Touch-trigger input for fast data acquisition
  • Multiple-channel function for the simultaneous execution of several NC programmes
  • 3D online spline for processing teach-in contour points in space
  • Tool slaving in space (6 axis) in consideration of machine geometry
  • Fast Z-axis slaving for focussing onto workpiece surface
  • 3D axis compensation for the correction of mechanical tolerances
  • Geometry filter for the reduction of point density

CNC applications

Eckelmann has experience in numerous CNC applications from such areas, amongst others, as grinding, milling, handling, bar processing, shaping and many more.

As a current industry solution, Eckelmann offers the complete package "CNC for cutting". Both the relevant HMI package and the NC and PLC operating system provide many functions that are tailored to meet requirements typical for the cutting with different tools.

In addition, Ferrocontrol’s traditional key industry sectors include window installation and profile processing. Complex CNC applications whose productivity is optimally supported by image processing solutions from Eckelmann are realised here.

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CNC complete solutions

  • CNC complete solutions guarantee quick success in machine automation by virtue of optimally integrated components and the appropriate software.
  • Solutions on the basis of standard components which, for larger quantities, are modified and developed to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Flexible solutions capable of being continuously developed through extensions and upgrades to more powerful versions.

"PLC complete solutions from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol have everything that complete machine controls need. And if necessary, they even grow along part of the way."

Everything that a PLC needs

We have the PLC complete solution for all current machine control tasks ready for you. From the broad range of components, the appropriate platform for any PLC application including sophisticated time- and safety-critical tasks can be assembled.

  • Terminals or industrial PCs for operating and monitoring tasks
  • Controllers
  • Fieldbus and local bus modules
  • Servo controllers and motors

The platform is turned into a complete solution by the PLC software package ELC based on the IEC 61131-3-compliant CODESYS standard, which efficiently supports the application development.

Solutions can be continuously improved through the development or upgrade of components.

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PLC applications

PLC solutions are employed both as integral components of motion control and CNC applications and as stand-alone systems. There are numerous target sectors, from the packaging industry to intralogistics and medical engineering.

In all this, the PLC functionality properly speaking is open to further extension to include additional technologies from Eckelmann. This can be seen, for instance, in the intralogistics complete solutions for the transport and chaotic storage system of packages of various sizes. A suitable solution based on industrial image recognition has meanwhile been found for the PLC implemented in this project.

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PLC complete solutions

  • PLC complete solutions guarantee quick success in machine automation by virtue of optimally integrated components and the appropriate software.
  • Solutions on the basis of standard components which, for larger quantities, are modified and developed to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Flexible solutions capable of being continuously developed through extensions and upgrades to more powerful versions.

"Many machines require a coordinated motion sequence of several servo axes. Purely mechanical systems can be replaced with mechatronic solutions in a reliable, cost-efficient and flexible manner."

Complete motion control

Everything in the field of "motion control"

Eckelmann’s proven drive and control technology components are the platform for complete control solutions for motion control applications (of up to 64 axes

  • Terminals or industrial PCs for operating and monitoring tasks
  • Controllers
  • Fieldbus and local bus modules
  • Servo controllers and motors
  • In terms of performance, interface selection and size, all components can be scaled to suit the individual machine tasks. To form a finished motion control solution, the control system thus assembled is supplemented by the EMC software library.
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The motion sequences are programmed by Eckelmann’s function library, which is certified in accordance with PLCopen standard. And this is where the company’s many years of development experience in the control of coordinated axis motion is used for fast and safe new applications.

Solutions can be continuously improved through the development or upgrade of components.

As a result of many years of development work and practical experience, all components are optimally integrated. Their smooth interaction guarantees short project duration, custom functionality and a commissioning without delay.

Motion control applications

Mechanical engineering customers employ motion control solutions from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol in different areas such as

  • Rotary die cutting
  • Sewing machines
  • Wafer handling
  • Printing machines

We are generating particularly sophisticated solutions for a long-standing customer from the job printing sector. The shaftless printing machine on the basis of ExC66 and the motion control software library is a real trendsetter in the printing industry.

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Motion control complete solutions

  • Motion control complete solutions guarantee quick success in machine automation by virtue of optimally integrated components and the appropriate software.
  • Solutions on the basis of standard components which, for larger quantities, are modified and developed to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Flexible solutions capable of being continuously developed through extensions and upgrades to more powerful versions.

"With the scalable safety products from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol and security solutions fully integrated in the automation, mechanical engineers manage to combine safety, availability and productivity. Safe, efficient and comfortable!"

Safety Engineering

The range of safety products is perfectly tuned to Eckelmann’s and Ferrocontrol’s control and drive technology and makes for integrated security solutions that are seamlessly tailored to the automation technology, from programmable safety controllers with finished function blocks for the rapid development of a safety logic to high-performance and easy-to-configure drive-integrated safety functions, TÜV-certified up to SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level in accordance with EN IEC 62061) or PL e (Performance Level according to EN ISO 13849-1).


Before their application in the plant, safety functions must demonstrate that the achieved safety level at least satisfies the specifications. A tool suitable for this purpose is the manufacturer-independent SISTEMA programme developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety IFA.

For the security modules from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol, a library is available for download that can be opened in SISTEMA. It provides the performance indicators required for the proof.

E°SLC 204: Safety Controller

The E°SLC safety module from Eckelmann can be used with little effort to monitor a variety of safety devices on machines and equipment; whether emergency stop switches, light barriers, laser scanners, two-hand operation, jog mode, door contacts or light curtains with muting function. The safety module makes the monitoring of individual sensors via safety relay obsolete. Thanks to the large number of predefined special function blocks, modern safety concepts can be easily implemented.

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he safety functions can be quickly created on a PC using the E°Tools SLC graphical configurator. A safety logic system can be developed from available function blocks via drag & drop, simulation and commissioning can be implemented with the same development tool. The configuration data are easily transferred via USB.

The E°SLC safety module has 20 safe inputs and 4 safe outputs; using safe expansion I/O modules, it can, where necessary, be expanded up to 100 inputs and 44 outputs (up to 8 safe inputs and 4 safe outputs per module, 4 ports can be switched as inputs or outputs, i.e. the module has either 8 inputs and 0 outputs or 4 inputs and 4 outputs).

Via CAN fieldbus coupler (CANopen™), the complete process image and the internal states of the safety module are comfortably transmitted to the superior control and operating level (maximum of 92, optionally pre-processed signals). The result is well-integrated and user-friendly security solutions with advanced diagnostic functions.

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E°Darc SCM: Drive-Integrated Safety Functions

The E°Darc SCM safety controller module makes it easier for mechanical engineers to implement modern drive-side safety concepts. For this purpose, they can rely on a wide range of certified security functions, e. g. STO (Safe Torque Off), SLP (Safely-Limited Position) or SLS (Safely-Limited Speed) (see graph).

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All Eckelmann components are closely integrated to work together: the application on the non-safe PLC controls the drive controllers via field buses such as CAN or sercos. Safety features requested by a safe sensor or operating mode selector are handled by the safe control of the E°Darc SCM or an additional E°SLC safety module which, via bus coupler, transmits the change to a different operating mode to the non-safe PLC, and simultaneously activates safety functions in the E°Darc safety controller module. The E°Darc SCM monitors the parameterised limits of the safety features active and performs the parameterised safety responses, if necessary.

The wide variety of safety features make for a differentiated system responsiveness. While, in the event of an error, conventional solutions only offer STO, i. e. uncontrolled coasting to a stop, the E°Darc SCM also allows for operating the system at a reduced speed and, thus, for the continued production or the controlled shutdown of an axis. This is important for all axes that need to support load torque at standstill, such as hanging axes.

  • TÜV-certified safety functions up to SIL 3 or PL e
  • Capable of being freely configured and combined: 5 safe inputs and 2 safe outputs
  • User-friendly installation on safe editor under E°Tools Light
  • Response times of up to 20 ms
  • Differentiated responsiveness to security-related events and operation modes
  • Easy-to-implement safety chains for connected axis packages of a machine
  • High availability and robustness due to safety encoders directly mounted on the engine
  • Easy transfer of safe parameter set via SD card
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Safe Standstill Monitor Integrated

The E°Darc C drive control system is equipped with a safe standstill monitor that evaluates the encoder signals of high-frequency spindles. The system is designed to meet safety integrity level 2 (EN 62061) or performance level d (DIN EN ISO 13849-1). Engines with a speed of up to 40,000 rpm can be monitored via plug-in modules that are integrated in the controller. The motor standstill is displayed via safe module outputs. Compared to external solutions this saves cost as well as space in the switch cabinet. The standstill monitor is integrated in the safety technology of the machine which actuates, for example, the door locking device.

Via CAN fieldbus coupler (CANopen™), the complete process image and the internal states of the safety module are comfortably transmitted to the superior control and operating level (maximum of 92, optionally pre-processed signals). The result is well-integrated and user-friendly security solutions with advanced diagnostic functions.

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"Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol support customers from various fields of mechanical engineering. A thorough understanding of customers’ technology and the application-tailored selection of standard components guarantee sector-specific automation solutions."

Automation with a flair for mechanical engineering

In all major fields of automation technology, Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol cultivate a know-how which is perfectly up to date. However, there is another decisive factor for the quality of a complete solution – namely, that our developers fully acquaint themselves with the respective customer’s technology. In the course of many projects, they have thus acquired solid applications expertise in many sectors.

The combination of these two competencies allows taking a decision on a control design that is geared to the customer and end user. Part of this decision is the competent judgement on the scope of industry standards and on the options of application-specific adjustments. Reusable sector-specific technology is employed in the form of application packages and software libraries.

At home in mechanical engineering

Eckelmann AG and its subsidiary Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme GmbH have thorough applications expertise in the following sectors:

  • Machine tools (machining techniques such as grinding, cutting, milling)
  • CNC for Cutting
  • Manufacture of electronics and semi-conductors
  • Printing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Automation solutions for saws
  • Production and processing of textiles
  • Processing of glass, plastics and metal
  • Profile machining
  • Window installation

35 years alongside mechanical engineering

  • An ongoing development experience of 35 years in selected sectors such as the furniture industry or with printing machines
  • Pro-active development cooperation with long-standing customers
  • Creation of synergies through the reprocessing of technology-specific modules